Mick is a licensed plumber with a knack for noticing the little things. He's incredibly detail-oriented and finds immense satisfaction in creating beautifully simple systems when doing installations and repairs. With 10 years in the field, he brings an incredible depth of experience to each client he works with. 

Outside of work, Mick loves long naps with Kuma, learning new cooking recipes, and tinkering around the house.

Sudipti GARVEY

Sudipti works a bit in the background, focusing on design, marketing, and business management. She comes from a background in architecture and construction, and currently works in product design and business strategy. Experiencing the frustration of being a homeowner firsthand, starting a company that would change the norms of the industry is something she's deeply passionate about.  

Outside of this role, Sudipti loves mindlessly binging Netflix shows, visiting new places with the dogs, and searching near and far for good crab rangoons.

A photo of Kuma, our white Shiba Inc, smiling while standing on top of a rock with evergreen trees and a blue sky with some clouds in the background.

the company

We like to joke that our company principles are rooted in making our dogs proud, but leaving a good impression is really important to us. We understand the stress and anxiety that comes with getting work done on your home, which is why we make it our utmost priority to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our team is transparent in the work we do, and we make sure to keep you informed every step of the way. We believe that our community deserves to be treated with honesty and respect, and we are committed to earning your trust.

Give us a call today and let us show you how we stand out from the rest. Trust us to be there for you long-term, and take pride in working with Companion Plumbing & Heating.


It's one thing to hear us telling you who we think we are (I mean, anyone can do that), so why not learn about us directly from our customers?

Tony Kueh

February 14, 2024

5 gold stars

Called Mick for a water damage issue in our house in Issaquah which we thought was plumbing related. He dug into the walls and spent a lot of time beyond what was expected for a "free inspection". In the end, he concluded that it's likely due to a leak coming from the outside that's causing the issue. These days it's incredibly hard to find an honest and diligent contractor / plumber. I called several others that either said they wanted a charged session to just take a look or just simply flaked out. I am definitely sending all my future plumbing work to Mick!


July 28, 2022

5 gold stars

Had a big leak spring up in a pipe leading to the house during the 95+ heatwave and had to turn the water off. Locating and dug to the pipe and needed to find a plumber to repair it. Luckily Mick had some open time, responded instantly to my photos with an estimate and offer to come right away. Turns out he was only a mile away and was there within minutes. Appears to know his stuff; had it fixed up quickly with all the proper tools on hand already. Before and after pictured.

Sayeh Proper

January 17, 2024

5 gold stars

My pipes froze and burst after thawing. Mick responded to my emergency text and sent a technician, Wakely, with in 15mins. Who worked fast at removing ice blockage, replacing the damage piece, then worked hard to wrap pipes in foam protection and walk me through it all. In my excitement to have running water I butt dialed Mick and he called me back immediately to make sure I was alright. Needless to say customer service is stellar - which is worth its weight in gold when you feel most stressed.

Shasta Ferranto

January 16, 2024

5 gold stars

We suddenly lost water pressure and discovered that a pipe had burst to an uninsulated laundry room addition to our home during this cold spell and was flooding everywhere. Mick just happened to be across the street working at a neighbor's house and came over to help us turn off the main water line and troubleshoot the problem. He quickly figured out what was going on and was even able to turn off the water to the addition so we could turn the main line back on. We are so grateful for the help and were really impressed by his knowledge and willingness to help us out in a jam. We will definitely be using him for our future plumbing needs!

Dave Retchless

November 27, 2023

5 gold stars

Just when the Thanksgiving preparations were hitting their stride, we faced a major plumbing crisis—our drain pipe got seriously clogged, leading to a warping floor. After my own attempts to fix it fell flat (removed toilet, rented 2-4" drain auger, etc), it was clear we needed professional help. That’s where Mick from Companion Plumbing/Heating came in. He was the exact professional we needed: arriving on time, armed with expertise, and he sorted out the issue efficiently. His friendly and professional manner significantly eased our stress. Replacing a part of the drain pipe was definitely something I could NOT have done. It’s professionals like Mick who showcase the true value of a fantastic local small business. A huge thank you to Mick for not only rescuing our holiday but for doing so with a smile and outstanding service. Cheers to him and his family.

Stefa H

November 16, 2023

5 gold stars

Mick is super friendly and very knowledgeable! He gave us a diagnosis, not just an isolated fix. He explained everything that was going on, and actually identified the root cause of our issue (that multiple plumbers before had overlooked). He was able to give us an estimate and repair the issue same day. He had some suggestions for additional improvements to minimize risk in our home, but didn’t give us a hard pitch or try to make us scared of something being urgent that wasn’t. Will definitely call Mick next time we need plumbing help!

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